Cloud-Managed LAN/WLAN

Cloud-managed LAN/WLAN solutions from Iricent comprise wired LAN switches and Wi-Fi access points fitted with OpenFlow enabled Ethernet switches. A cloud-hosted controller – which performs the functions of a conventional WiFi controller and also includes the SDN Controller – provisions and coordinates the network devices.

By combining an SDN Controller (based on the OpenDaylight standard) and OpenFlow enabled LAN switches and access points users can create vNets and virtual Wi-Fi access points. These reside on physical switches or access points in the same way that computing has been virtualised in data centres with several Virtual Machines running on the same processor hardware.

Multiple users, single LAN/WLAN infrastructure

This means that users in venues like multi-tenant office blocks, shopping centres or business campuses can be supported from a single, coordinated LAN/WLAN infrastructure instead of individual users putting in their own equipment, creating interference and overcrowding the WiFi spectrum.

Network administrators have detailed control of traffic on the network and can easily identify and map applications. This makes it easier to fine tune levels of security, quality of service or access control, right down to individual users and particular applications being used at any point in time.

Key benefits of cloud-based LAN/WLAN

  • Unifies the wired and wireless elements of the network
  • Automates network provisioning
  • Enables end-to-end policy control
  • Provides holistic visibility of the wired and wireless networks
  • Ensures predictable Quality of Service (QoS) across the unified network
  • Delivers insights/analytics from across the unified network
  • Enables diagnostic/troubleshooting/problem isolation across the unified network

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