Iricent Service activities are concentrated on closely related SD-WAN, SASE, uCPE and Network Automation activities:


SD-WAN & SASE solution delivery and support including Managed SD-WAN & SASE solutions


Network Automation and related Network Inventory Services

Virtualised Network

uCPE and related NFV MANO (Management and Orchestration) services

Iricent services focus on specific Service Provider and Enterprise customers needs across our core portfolio of SD-WAN, SASE, uCPE and Automation offerings and leverage our unique know how and insights to ensure a successful outcome from every engagement. These services enable our customers and partners to On-board, Design, Deploy, Operate and Maintain Network Cloudification resources to the highest standards.

Managed Services

  • SD-WAN & SASE as well as uCPE offer compelling benefits, but the technologies are complex and deployment requires a new operating approach which can present barriers to adoption for many customers. 

  • Iricent Managed Services remove these barriers while shortening and accelerating new service launch times and enabling customers to deploy the latest SD-WAN / SASE / uCPE solutions with confidence. CAPEX and the need for specialist resources is reduced meaning new services can be quickly deployed, re-configured etc., as demand changes.

Lifecycle Services

  • Designed to align network technology with business requirements by minimising OPEX and maximising uptime, performance, usability, productivity, user satisfaction and return on infrastructure investment, Iricent’s suite of Lifecycle services encompasses Network Planning, Network Design, Implementation (Installation, Configuration, Integration, Testing, Commissioning), Updates / Upgrades, Licensing, Support, Maintenance and Project Management.



  • Iricent’s customised SD-WAN / SASE /uCPE / Network Automation training programmes are delivered by industry experts with years of hands-on real world networking, application development and cloud infrastructure deployments. 

  • Whether it’s an introduction to the latest SD-WAN or SASE developments or a deep dive into uCPE based services deployment or a Network Automation / Network Inventory Management project under consideration, Iricent can tailor a training course suited to your specific needs.


  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of industry leaders to design, deploy and support standout SD-WAN, SASE, uCPE and Network Automation products and services. 
  • Our consultancy services include technical requirements gathering, evaluations and assessments to get your network infrastructure from where it is today to where you want it tomorrow as well as network design based on proven yet cutting edge opensource based technology platforms.

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