Management and Orchestration (MANO)

NFV MANO (Management and Orchestration) is the framework for the management and orchestration of all network resources in the cloud. This includes computing, networking, storage and virtual machine (VM) resources. NFV MANO enables flexible on-boarding, design, deployment, operation and maintenance of NFV services.

NFV MANO comprises three functional blocks:

  • NFV Orchestrator (NFVO):
    • On-boarding of new Network Service (NS) and VNF Packages
    • NS lifecycle management
    • Resource management
    • Policy management for NS instances
  • VNF Manager (VNFM):
    • Lifecycle management of VNF instances
    • Coordination of configuration and event reporting between NFVI and the E/NMS
  • Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM):
    • Controlling and managing the NFVI compute, storage and network resources
    • Collection and forwarding of performance measurements and events

OpenStack, the cloud operating system that controls pools of compute, storage and networking resources, provides the bedrock for NFV MANO.

In particular OpenStack embodies the Virtualized Infrastructure Manager (VIM). The main OpenStack projects involved are

  • Nova for managing virtual or bare metal servers
  • Cinder for virtual storage
  • Neutron providing virtual networking
  • Keystone for Identity and Catalog services
  • Many other projects supplement the core functions with additional capabilities
Evolving MANO solutions for OpenStack address both the NFVO and VNFM. A number of opensource (examples: Tacker, OSM, OpenMANO) and commercial solutions are available now or imminently, which provide an Open NFV Orchestrator with an integrated general purpose VNF Manager to deploy and operate VNFs, based on OpenStack as a VIM (Virtual Infrastructure Manager). These solutions leverage OpenStack Nova, Neutron, Cinder and Heat to execute the VNF life-cycle.
Iricent has access to and experience in deploying a range of OpenStack distributions and plug-ins, based on a number of MANO implementations.

Iricent is taking the pain out of deploying NFV MANO for service providers of all sizes through delivery of a comprehensive services package including our own market leading Iricent NFV Cloud offering.

Working with our Iricent Eco System Partners, Iricent can smooth the deployment of NFV based services and allow your organisation and your customers to focus on taking advantage of the speed and simplicity delivered by virtual network resources.

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