Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking physically separates the control plane from the data plane. With traditional networks each networking device independently forwards packets to the next hop. With a software defined network an SDN Controller has a complete overview of the network and it uses that intelligence to direct, optimise or customise traffic across the network.

Flexible and programmable networks

Networks become automated, scalable, and customisable, enabling the rapid rollout of services based on actionable intelligence. Programmable networks are agile and flexible and allow network owners to easily automate network operations to meet business needs while at the same time reducing operational costs.

This programmability, which is provided via open APIs, allows the SDN Controller to define the behaviour and performance of the network based on the applications running on it. It also facilitates the easy automation of configuration and policy management tasks, which means the network can quickly and dynamically react to business needs.

SDN an opportunity for SMEs

SDN opens the door to Network as a Service (NaaS) business models. This offers unique benefits to smaller businesses who can reduce their CAPEX spend by outsourcing their networking requirements and adopt a pay as you use model (OPEX).

Key benefits of SDN  

  • Gain detailed control and a complete overview of your network, applications and software
  • Directly programme your network control for easy automation of policy management
  • Create a network that adapts to your requirements
  • Network set up and tear down can be expedited and network reconfiguration can be automated using common APIs
  • Open APIs mean you can use generally available applications from app stores or develop your own customised applications
  • No need to individually modify or upgrade separate network hardware elements when implementing new or customised software-based services
  • ‘Slice and dice’ the network to easily accommodate needs and policies of different end user groups

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