Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage separates the programming that controls storage-related tasks from the physical storage hardware. Freed from the hardware, SDS uses software to manage policy-based assigning and management of data storage. In this way, the pooled storage infrastructure resources in the SDS environment can be automatically assigned to meet the application needs of an enterprise.

Storage simplified

SDS removes the complexity of dedicated hardware and makes the management and usage of storage simpler, flexible and efficient. As they are no longer reliant on proprietary storage hardware, enterprises can choose from a wide range of hardware, leading to significant cost benefits.

By releasing storage management from the constrictions of physical systems storage becomes a shared pool. Automated policy-based management can then be used to efficiently assign storage irrespective of underlying hardware features.

Key benefits of SDS

  • Storage is freed from proprietary hardware platforms, increasing sourcing options and lowering costs
  • Storage management is simplified through automated policy execution, which means storage is used more efficiently and cost effectively
  • Resources can be configured, reconfigured and optimised automatically due to the pooling of diverse storage systems into a centrally managed pool of available storage assets
  • Data can be easily migrated to new locations for ease of access and sharing
  • Data can be automatically placed in the correct storage tier depending on performance, availability and recovery requirements
  • Data access connectivity model can be adapted to meet application needs
  • SDS runs on non-proprietary hardware, leading to greater choice and reduced costs

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