Universal CPE (uCPE)

uCPE solutions enable the replacement of multiple disconnected, expensive and usually proprietary pieces of equipment providing network functions – routing, firewall, VPN, NAT, access control, policy management, etc. – with a single, general purpose hardware platform that can be easily upgraded and more cost effectively. Depending on specific requirements, uCPE can be a relatively simple Ethernet device with applications such as firewall, VPN, VoIP, etc. moved to the cloud.

Enabling the efficient roll out of new services

uCPE from Iricent allows enterprises to instantly deploy on-demand Virtual Network Functions (VNF) at their various premises, simplifying their operations and allowing for the efficient delivery of new services. And by separating hardware from software, Iricent’s cloud-managed uCPE enables a completely programmable network that dramatically speeds up service creation, activation and assurance.

Running on open general purpose platforms, Iricent uCPE can host multiple combinations of VNF and is specifically designed for managed services delivered on the customer premise. With modular interfaces and a 100% programmable architecture, Iricent uCPE enables the delivery of a complete managed service portfolio using a single platform.

Key benefits of uCPE

  • Replace multiple pieces of proprietary equipment with a single, general purpose hardware platform
  • Hardware/software combination supports a variety of common and customised applications
  • Open architecture enables enterprises to roll out new applications faster and more efficiently
  • Quickly and efficiently deploy on-demand virtualised network functions
  • Programmable network speeds up service creation, activation and assurance

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