Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, February 2017 – Ampliphae, a Belfast-based technology company specialising in cloud network analytics and control, and Iricent, a Dublin-based provider of SDN and NFV-based open networking solutions, applications and services, have announced a partnership aimed at helping Service Providers exploit advances in Software Defined Networking and network-based Artificial Intelligence. The partnership will enable Service Providers to offer new value-added capabilities to their Enterprise customers, enabling them to assert control of their application delivery infrastructure as they move business-critical applications to the cloud.

Research firm IDC predicts that by 2018, 36% of the global enterprise application market will be cloud-based, presenting IT managers with unprecedented challenges in managing and controlling the new enterprise application infrastructure. The wide area network is becoming ever-more critical in delivering cloud applications to end users, with the same high levels of performance, availability and security as on-premise applications. From an Enterprise perspective, however, traditional networking services remain too complex, costly and inflexible to effectively support their transition to a cloud-first application delivery model.

The Ampliphae/Iricent partnership addresses these challenges by combining the strengths of both companies, creating a compelling offering for Service Providers to give their Enterprise customers deeper insights and more control of cloud adoption across their businesses. Ampliphae uses advanced statistical analysis of network traffic flows, combined with machine learning techniques, to identify, classify and profile all of the cloud applications being used across the Enterprise. Iricent’s OpenDaylight-based SDN solution, APNOS, then uses this information, combined with other network traffic identification techniques, to automate the process of network resource allocation with application-level granularity, ensuring that business-critical cloud services are prioritized.

Commenting on the partnership, Trevor Graham, Ampliphae’s CEO, said: “With the massive growth in cloud application usage across businesses, coupled with the emergence of Shadow IT, the role of IT within the enterprise is changing dramatically. Enterprises need new techniques to help them regain control of cloud adoption in an era where end-users are increasingly able to self-select and use cloud applications within the business domain. Our collaboration with Iricent allows our customers to leverage the insights that we provide to deliver a cloud-aware network that automatically adapts to rapidly-changing patterns of cloud application consumption.”

Ger O’Byrne, Iricent CEO, commented: “Iricent is approaching the Software-Defined Networking opportunity from a top-down, application-centric perspective, delivering a compelling value proposition for Enterprises that will create new revenue opportunities for our Service Provider customers. We enable Enterprises to reconfigure network services on-demand, prioritizing users, devices and applications, without needing highly-skilled technical resources or expensive on-site equipment. Working with Ampliphae adds a new dimension to our offering, providing comprehensive insights into how cloud applications are being adopted and used across the Enterprise, and using that information to provide fine-grained, automated control of how the network is configured to ensure optimum performance”.


About Ampliphae

Headquartered in Belfast, United Kingdom, Ampliphae performs advanced statistical analysis of Wide Area Network traffic flows, combined with sophisticated machine learning techniques, to give IT managers deep insights into the current and predicted use of cloud applications across the enterprise. Ampliphae enables a cloud-aware network that automatically adapts and controls the WAN, allowing enterprises to regain control of cloud adoption and ensuring optimum performance for mission-critical Cloud applications.

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About Iricent

Dublin, Ireland based Iricent helps Service Providers realise the potential of Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) and in so doing to facilitate the rapid deployment of advanced, agile and application aware cloud based services to their Enterprise customers. Iricent offers a range of SDN and NFV based products including APNOS, a cloud hosted SDN application providing intuitive network access control, security and traffic prioritisation as well as MaaS, a Management and Orchestration “as a Service” solution designed to expedite NFV and SDN technology adoption by providing a ready-made services deployment platform.


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