From left to right: Damian Murray, Co-Founder & Sales Director at Iricent; John Gilvarry, CTO at Enet; and Geert De Coensel, CEO at Merkator.

We are delighted to announce that Enet, Ireland’s largest open access provider, has chosen Iricent and Merkator to deliver an innovative Network Inventory Digital Twin called MarlinDT. This feature-rich solution is set to revolutionize the way Enet optimizes its network operations and enhance service delivery for its valued customers.

MarlinDT is a discovery-led network resource inventory tool specifically designed for service providers’ connectivity portfolio. By providing Enet with a unified view of its network infrastructure, MarlinDT streamlines processes and significantly reduces the time required to restore services, ensuring seamless connectivity experiences for end-users.

John Gilvarry, CTO of Enet explains: “With MarlinDT, Enet gains comprehensive documentation of both physical and logical network components, empowering us to make data-driven decisions and take proactive measures to deliver higher-quality, more reliable services to our customers. We are committed to ensuring an exceptional customer experience by leveraging faster service delivery, reduced disruptions, and enhanced service capabilities”.

One of the standout features of MarlinDT is its advanced incident simulation and root-cause analysis modules. These powerful modules enable Enet to identify network resources, efficiently design new customer orders, and plan network expansions. Additionally, the solution incorporates automation scripts that expedite the provisioning of network elements, resulting in accelerated service delivery for customers. With the incident simulation engine as the foundation of the root-cause analysis module, Enet can analyze the impact of network failures and devise effective mitigation strategies. MarlinDT boasts a user-friendly web graphical user interface (GUI), organized into distinct functional modules: Inventory & Visualization, Incident Simulation & Root Cause Analysis, and Planning & Routing. This intuitive interface facilitates seamless navigation and efficient utilization of the solution’s comprehensive capabilities.

Here are some of the functionalities MarlinDT offers: 

📌 Plan to Build: Swiftly identify network resources, design, quote, and fulfil new customer orders, and plan network expansions with ease. 

📌 Order to Service: Seamlessly transform customer orders into services by selecting the necessary network resources to create a customized service design. 

📌 Automated Service Delivery: Accelerate the provisioning of network elements through automation scripts, ensuring rapid service deployment. 

📌 Trouble to Resolve: Utilize extensive search capabilities to quickly identify impacted services, examine the resources used, and troubleshoot effectively to resolve any issues.

📌 Incident Simulation: Facilitate the assessment of potential incidents resulting from network changes, enabling proactive measures to maintain network stability. 

📌Change Management and Service Impact Analysis: Efficiently plan, document, and simulate network changes, including comprehensive service impact analysis. 

📌 Integration with Mapping Service: Seamlessly integrate MarlinDT with a mapping service, providing users with geolocalized network element information on background maps.

The introduction of MarlinDT reaffirms Iricent’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to support our growing customer base of network operators. We are excited about the opportunities this collaboration with our strategic partner, Merkator brings and the positive impact it will have on our valued customers.

If you would like more information or to learn how Iricent can support your organisation, please contact us here.