Iricent recently launched a cloud based Managed SD-WAN Service targeted at Service Providers who wish to have access to a white label services platform.

Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a specific software-defined networking (SDN) technology use case applied to WAN connections which is rapidly gaining interest and seeing increased adoption in enterprise networks as it offers many advantages over traditional, fixed Wide Area Networks.

SD-WAN architecture uses SDN principles to separate the data plane from the control plane in the WAN. It abstracts the underlying transport networks (MPLS, broadband internet, wireless, satellite) and shifts control intelligence from customer premises equipment (CPE) or edge devices to a centralized controller and in turn delivers many benefits including:

  • All-in-one solution (WAN optimization, policy based control, application prioritisation, …)
  • Lower cost for VPNs
  • Access flexibility and redundancy
  • Works over a variety of media (MPLS, Broadband Internet, LTE, satellite)
  • Dynamic path selection and load sharing across WAN connections
  • Simplifies the branch network making it easier to manage with increased network agility
  • ZTP – Zero Touch Provisioning

For service providers, SD WAN provides a unique opportunity to broaden the existing service offerings independently of existing reach and without the need for additional. Barriers to entry for new SD WAN services are significantly lower as SD WAN is an OTT offering and a service provider can offer customised SD WAN services that are tailored to specific use cases such as real time traffic or are further enhanced with cost effective WAN Optimisation for example.

Iricent SD WAN

At Iricent, our platforms are designed and delivered to allow providers to offer SD WAN services as cost effectively as possible with the shortest possible time to market. We help our customers to take full advantage of Software Defined technologies by offering SD WAN using either of our dedicated or NFV Cloud based architectures, details below. In doing so, we provide all of the benefits of SD WAN combined with the openness and flexibility of genuine software defined deployments.

Iricent SD-WAN for Service Providers is available in two flavours:

Dedicated SD-WAN Architecture

  • Dedicated vendor specific multi-tenanted orchestrator manages the SD WAN solution deployed on vendor’s appliance or on COTS HW on enterprise sites
  • Initially easier, faster to deploy

SD-WAN as an NFV Virtualised Network Function (VNF)

  • Iricent NFV Cloud based deployment orchestrates SD-WAN VNF deployed on x86 based universal CPE (uCPE) on enterprise sites
  • “Open” platform capable of supporting additional VNFs / services


To find out more about Iricent SD WAN, contact us here or visit us at MPLS+SDN+NFV World in Paris from 10th-13thApril.