The Iricent MANO as a Service (MaaS) high availability, multi-tenant platform enables service providers to rapidly test, demo, trial and go-live with NFV based customer services. This unique proposition addresses the requirements of service providers who want to deploy NFV based services without the up-front investment in the necessary cloud based network management infrastructure and related resources.

Aimed at both service providers and equipment providers, the MaaS solution removes the common commercial and resource related barriers to adoption of NFV and facilitates rapid deployment of new services for enterprise customers.

Iricent MaaS leverages an existing eco-system of carefully chosen partner platforms to provide a catalog of existing VNFs which have already been on-boarded, in turn reducing the time to market for new services.

Typical deployments to date are focussed on vCPE related services and leverage the benefits of packet processing technology such as DPDK on cost effective Intel Atom based platforms to ensure performance and throughput can be guaranteed.

Speaking during the recent SDN World Congress in October, Damian Murray from Iricent commented, “over the course of 2015 and early 2016, our discussions with service providers kept coming back to two main concerns, the ability to resource an NFV deployment and the associated commercial risk. We quickly realised that we had the components and capability to address these concerns and are delighted to be able to showcase and demo the platform at this event and to offer it to customers and partners who wish to rapidly test, trial and deploy NFV services in a cost effective manner.”

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About Iricent

Iricent ( was founded to help telecommunications and cloud service providers take advantage of developments in SDN and NFV. Our team has decades of experience in both the vendor and service provider community and has developed and implemented networking solutions on behalf of customers, small and large, around the world. The company works with both established global vendors and innovative start-ups, all of whom share a passion to bring the advances experienced in compute and storage, such as virtualization and cloud management, to networking.

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