With the move to working from home and the growing expectation that in many cases this is likely to remain a reality for many employees for the foreseeable future, more and more companies are looking at ways to improve connectivity issues and in turn ensure security for remote workers. In recent weeks many of our customers have started expanding existing SD-WAN deployments or adding SD-WAN as a secure and reliable way to improve the experience for both customers and employees when communicating from a home office environment.

Traditionally remote office environments don’t have any quality of service and cannot offer priority to those applications that need it. Congestion mitigation is typically not available and in many cases the performance of consumer broadband can be very variable.
SD-WAN can solve these issues, even when only a single link is available and can provide reliable cloud connections and the ability to apply policies and in turn assure application performance. Critical services such as the use of SaaS and IaaS based applications, video conferencing and the increased use of VoIP, in particular for customer facing staff, require more than standard VPN, they require SD-WAN.
At Iricent, we are working with partners and with customers to help with this transition to remote working and are happy to offer free trials combined with professional services support to allow customers to learn for themselves the benefits of SD-WAN for remote working. If this sounds interesting, contact us at remote-working@iricent.com to schedule a call or a demo.